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Make Your Own Time Traveling Adventures With Custom Doctor Who Lego Figures

I watched a part of a doctor who episode with David Tennant as the doctor Omg so good I wish I ha netflicks or something

I don't think I've ever fallen so hard for someone. I just need a David Tennant Board. Like I can't even put my love for him into words.

If you wanted to be added to any of my two boards so all of the fandoms and pinterest besties, comment on any of my pins and state which board you want to be apart of!

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I want to make softies/ornaments of my kids as gifts for the grandmas... not Dr Who. Love the hair here, though.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor David Tennant Cosplay Apron Pinafore. $85.00, via Etsy.

this scene....this scene was beautiful and terrible and magical and tragic all at the same time.

It's precious because Peter was David's Doctor and now he is his father-in-law. How do these people keep repinning this "doctor's daughter" thing and miss stuff like this? #nerd #fangirl