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Clever and funny (although in a slightly morbid way)

Lillian Roth and Frances Dee, 1930s Actresses Lillian Roth and Frances Dee dressed as lovely mermaids of the sea. Frances Dee (right) appears opposite Maurice Chevalier in his new production "Playboy of Paris", and Lillian Roth (left) plays Jack Oakie's leading lady in "Sea Legs". ca. 1930 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA By Gatochy on Flickr

There was this book I read in middle school about a mermaid that fell in love with this surfer (?) and she was able to have legs to get to know him. Kind of like a modern Little Mermaid but I really loved it. Made me cry. » it is called "Teenage Mermaid"!!

“I Feel Immortal” Limited Edition Prints (Giclee / 50); Not Sold Yet info@ladysymphoni...

Articles from The Mermaid Studio | Seatails B BLACK MERMAID

T.S. Eliot* - I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. I have seen them riding seaward on the waves. #Mermaids

savateuse: Paper Nautilus Chromolithograph 1890

mermaids | Tumblr << Ahhh! The mermaid found love!! Omg. What if he turns into a mermaid too?! Secute.. just secute (': *wipes tears*

Skeleton body butterfly flower!! Perty!! Could totally turn this into a full body tattoo.