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This is probably why Jennifer Lawrence was chosen ;) (did they let her write this line?)

I used to think Mr. Darcy was the one for me, but then I encountered Mr. Tilney...

Soo....I'm supposed to be doing spanish homework ATM, but I decided to get on Pinterest and look at the humor category because it always cheers me up. I saw this and just busted out laughing..first big smile of today hahaha.

Now I must give one smirk, and then we may be rational again.

Northanger Abbey. "To begin perfect happiness at the respective ages of 26 and 18, is to do pretty well. Katherine and Henry were married." So sweet!

I hate the "Hey Girl" pictures, but I love me some Mr. Darcy!!

My favorite thing about this movie is the "twinkle" the main actor always has in his eye and smile.... like he has a wonderful secret. I find that very attractive.

It won't stop me.... || This is my favorite =D @Emily Schoenfeld Thompson

No one smirks quite like Mr Tilney! For further in-depth analysis of Austen heroes, admiration of her heroines, and lots of fun facts about Jane's life and novels, follow @LitDetectives on Twitter