flying paper lanterns

Releasing wish lanterns - every guest writes a wish and releases the lantern into the sky. They're 100% biodegradable and the paper is fire-resistant! Win for me.

Umm yes!!

Releasing paper lanterns at the end of a wedding. Way cool! I want someone to do this at a wedding of mine. Any takers? Rev. Jude Smith/Hudson Valley Weddings. Destination weddings a specialty - your place or mine!

Wish balloons at the end of the night.

Amazing Vintage Wedding Decor

Outdoor Wedding Reception with Tons of Beautiful Lanterns! Why haven't I thought of this since I've always said I love Chinese/Japanese backyard lanterns?!

Tuscan wedding lights Wedding lights. Wedding lighting outside and inside Ideas and inspirations for wedding lights

gorgeous #wedding candles

Pretty :)

lanterns & sparklers



pretty draping

I don't like paper lanterns, I prefer candles and glass lanterns but I like the way the mixed in flowers

Paper lanterns

Sky Lanterns

Gorgeous wedding lights for a rustic reception vibe

Ślubna dekoracja kościoła

Perhaps for picture table of married couples in the family!