Great for math journals. Start with the ANSWER. Let them create problems!

Question and Answer board - give students the answer and they have to write a word problem that matches the answer.

number of the day. Could use more difficult problems with 4th graders.

This is a combo Anchor Chart/daily math practice. I love it! Let kids choose the number or roll a 36 sided die for excitement!

Give students the answer and ask them to create the question / problem.

This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros!

Pretty math rainbow

One week to Math Centers! How to start guided math and math centers- one week introduction!

Amazing how I still need to say this to my high school ELLs when their classmates get special accommodations...

This is an activity for students to learn the use of decimals in math. This is a fun way for the students to role play being in a restaurant and using addition of decimals. I believe that this lesson creates a hands on experience that students will enjoy and it gives many different options for the students to understand how to add decimals. Amanda Hallberg

Middle School Math Teacher Blog

Math Worksheets

Free ~ Very handy for students as they decide which operation to use when solving word problems!

Great ideas!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

10 ways to practice multiplication facts beyond the traditional use of flashcards.

AMAZING way to do math centers! B- Buddy Games U- Using Manipulatives I- Independent Reading/Independent Work L- Learning about Numbers D- Doing Math

Math Poster - Rounding, Comparing, Fractions

math fact idea

Here's a terrific post on a week's worth of graphing lessons. The only note I would make here is that the anchor chart has an inappropriate example of a line graph. Line graphs are designed to show change over time, not categorical data. Other than this error, you'll find lots of good stuff here.

Math activites is important because as they grow up math is going to be used. Learning it at a young age can increase how well they know it older.