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    Great for math journals. Start with the ANSWER. Let them create problems!

    Question and Answer board - give students the answer and they have to write a word problem that matches the answer.

    Give students the answer and ask them to create the question / problem.

    I love this way to start our math journals. And it's a great way to get to know about each other!

    One week to Math Centers! How to start guided math and math centers- one week introduction!

    The Game That Is Worth 1,000 Worksheets - Math Games to improve math skills instead of worksheets!

    Almost 70 pages of math games using a deck of cards -- all grade levels all topics

    Pretty math rainbow

    Classroom Decor Ideas: Kindergarten Common Core Solving Math Problem Strategy Posters for the Classroom.

    This WPA Federal Art Project poster created between 1936 and 1941 shows two columns of penguins and was used in New York to promote education and civic activity.

    Great way to reinforce Place Value on your walls - Singapore Math- LOVE THIS! We have been doing number bonds in math the past few weeks!

    This is an activity for students to learn the use of decimals in math. This is a fun way for the students to role play being in a restaurant and using addition of decimals. I believe that this lesson creates a hands on experience that students will enjoy and it gives many different options for the students to understand how to add decimals. Amanda Hallberg

    Problem solving approach acronym. Create an anchor chart for our room so the students can remember this. Also, make sure they write it in their math journals.

    Amazing how I still need to say this to my high school ELLs when their classmates get special accommodations...

    The Power of NOT Giving the Answer...ever asked the students a question and let them stew on it for DAYS? Come check out today's blog post to see how I worked to REALLY get my students thinking about fractions--not just TELLING them about fractions.

    This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros!

    number of the day. Could use more difficult problems with 4th graders.

    Daily 5 Math ~ Students progress through different centers over the course of the week as the centers reinforce skills learned, logical thinking, problem solving and vocabulary that compliments our math curriculum.

    Maths room decor

    Preschool Math Word Problems- use with counting bears....each child gets a baggy of 5 bears and an envelope. 5 bears are in your bag. Put 2 bears in the envelope. How many bears are left in your bag?

    Math Boggle (make for centers)