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Badge worn by members of the North Carolina Confederate Veterans at various reunions around the state and at national conventions. Love this!

Civil War Confederate States buttons | rare solid cast Confederate States of America CSA coat-sized button ...

"Confederate General-in-Chief Robert E. Lee photographed several days after his surrender at Appomattox. It’s the last portrait of him in a Military Uniform."

Titanic time line of when everything took place. Just a little bit off and my grandfather would have been a baby on the sinking Titanic.... luckily for me he was on another ship

Frock Coat worn by Major William F. Haines when he negotiated the Terms of Surrender of the Army of Tennessee commanded by General Joseph Johnston to Union General William Tecumseh Sherman at Raleigh, North Carolina on April 26th, 1865. Cadet gray uniform is finely tailored and hand-stitched of broadcloth with triple quatrefoil rank insignia made of finely woven gilt on the sleeves. Accented with eagle staff buttons. Hand-sewn silver bullion Major’s stars are affixed to each side of the…

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The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America

Just 10 years after President Lincoln's assassination, his widow, Mary Todd Lincoln, was charged with insanity and put on trial in Chicago. The accuser was her only surviving son, Robert Lincoln. The trial was held on May 19, 1875 and she had received no prior warning or chance to organise a defense. The jury deliberated for only 10 minutes and she was institutionalized at Bellevue Place Asylum. Mary was released after less than 4 months but mother and son were never truly reconciled.

The rebel flag was the flag of the Confederate States of America. A lot of people are offended by rebel flags because they believe they symbolize racism. I am not racist. The Civil War erupted over states' rights, not slavery. The South was mostly people in favor of states' rights, & the North was mostly people who wanted the national government to have more power over the states. Please, learn your history before you judge. The rebel flag symbolizes states' rights.

Civil War North Carolina Confederate Officer's Slouch Hat Originally the Property of the North Carolina State Museum.