Body image problems hit men too. Media images can impact on men's body image It is often assumed to be women who suffer from extreme dissatisfaction with their body image. But experts say men are just as likely to be unhappy with the way they look.

Tips to improve body image.

You are beautiful. How we can improve our body image.

This is a pin that could actually change your life. Reflections on Body Image: Report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image which examines the causes and consequences of body image dissatisfaction and what can be done to promote positive body image

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Blake Lively and Body Image.

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I have given quite some attention to the female body image, but we mustn’t forget that men suffer from this as well. The reason why men’s body image is spoken less of than that of females, is because in our society:

Body Beautiful is the only iPhone app that promotes positive body image and self-esteem among women and girls. Inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools will help you love your body. Body Beautiful gives you access to a life-changing collection of quotes from celebrities, authors and athletes that will boost your body confidence like never before.

(for the future)Signs Your Child Has a Negative Body Image via WebMD- this talks more about weight being to much, but I had a neg. body image bc of how skinny and string beany I was and dont want Hayden feeling like this either way

Body Image Workshop: a series of posts relating to young children and body image, full of helpful research and practical tips so that parents can make healthy body image a family way of life.

Body Image: It Doesn’t Matter What Size You Are…Stop the Body Snark

You are so much more than just your body!!

Your body can do so many awesome things! Love it and take good care ...

body image. but it's a myth. most men I know would find a woman in between the skinny one and the size 12 woman most attractive. Probably a 6-8 is ideal.

This brand-new 8-minute film shows a teenage girl's reaction as she walks into a "real" party full of people/sets who look and behave like fashion/beauty advertising images. *TRIGGER Warning: disturbing images. // "Elle Fanning Film about Body Image Is Hard to Watch"

Love Your Body Day from Curvy Yoga

"If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"