What To Do When The Thin Ideal Sneaks In << Brilliant as always.

I am learning this over and over

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in Northern Ireland is how messed up Americas are about body image. Here, back up dancers have some cellulite and the government will reject any ad that is too touched up and fake. I am in a culture that finds me to be honestly beautiful without any withdraws or hesitations. The natural female figure is cherished.

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go with the flow

It takes a strong heart to love . Mmm, Hmm Her

Body Image

this is heartbreaking


God has a funny way of proving his point -____-

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The difference.

Note to Self: Character. The important thing is not your shape, but a healthy body image.

aww love this! this was so true last week!! love my zac

Everyone loves fat and fluffy animals like cats and dogs, so why can't we love people that are different?

Over Thinking

this is so true. girls always act like its so hard to be a girl, but think about it, it's just as hard to be the "ideal" guy too.

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.love the body you're in :)