What To Do When The Thin Ideal Sneaks In << Brilliant as always.

body image poster

body image

Always Have a Positive Body Image.

New Heart. Jar of Hearts


come steal my heart <3

Map to my Heart

Life is too short to spend it hating your body

My body literally aches at the thought of never seeing you again. Mostly my heart...what is left of it

My heart sighed. Mmm Hmm Her

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls we're very high.

Slightly broken heart. Mmm, Hmm Her

Body Image

All bodies are good bodies!

body image

HEALING isn't me healing you. It's not me fixing you. It's not me giving you a pill, cutting you open, or telling you what to do. Healing is YOU seeking tools, teachers, and practitioners on your path that can assist you to discover your own wisdom, find balance, listen to and honor your body, and create a meaningful quality of life that you deserve and desire. Healing is you waking up to the fullness of who you really are as a divine energetic being in this amazing world!!

when your throat starts to burn and your heartbeats speeds up. when your stomach tightens and your lungs close up. when your tears rush to your eyes faster than you ever dreamed possible that is the worst pain you will ever feel. that is your heart breaking

This is a pin that could actually change my life. I need to take a day to go through all this... Reflections on Body Image: Report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image which examines the causes and consequences of body image dissatisfaction and what can be done to promote positive body image

This infographic statistically represents the media's likely influence on women's body image over the last few decades. | Rader Programs

"The Danger of a Single Ideal Body" - a fabulous article by Caitlin of fitandfeminist.wo... "Enough with this idea that beauty must somehow be exclusionary, like it is this finite quality that loses its potency as more people gain access to it. Such a view of beauty is blind to the core, irreducible truth about us, which is that our existence is nothing short of a miracle."