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  • Carole Di Tosti

    Important! Sign the Petition Against Teen Vogue: Stop Photoshopping lies of teen girls' bodies.

  • foofoolooloo

    Julia Bluhm, 14, lead a successful petition for Seventeen magazine to feature photographs of real girls and healthy models. The magazine promised to "never change girls' body or face shapes" when retouching images.

  • Bethany R

    A 14-year-old, Julia Bluhm, has transformed 17, the most widely distributed teen girls' magazine in the U.S. Because of Julia's online petition asking 17 to run unaltered photos to show its readers what real girls look like, signed by 80,000, the editors of 17 agreed. In 17's Aug. issue, the Editor in Chief vowed not to use Photoshop to alter the face shape and body sizes of its teen models, and that it will feature a diversity of models with different body shapes, races, and hair textures.

  • Amy The Dreamer

    Teen petitions Seventeen magazine to stop airbrushing (2012) ... I don't buy fashion magazines and I sure won't promote that for my tween daughter but, this is great

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