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  • NatalieNoe

    my favorite Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker) quote

  • Katie Shull

    marylin monroe and my favorite quote of hers

  • Misha Cothran

    Marylin Monroe & Arthur Miller <3

  • Morgana Martin

    NYC. Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller by the 59th Street Bridge in1957 by Sam Shaw. The best clothing is cut so well that the fit is superb. Vintage clothing designers were masters at this!

  • Barbara Falciani

    marilyn monroe 2 The young and beautiful Marilyn Monroe (46 photos)

  • Jennifer Dodrill

    Marilyn Monroe quote true

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She was pretty and smart. She knew how to look at her best to get the most of her attributes. But she lost the battle way too soon. All we need is a great man to our side. We just got to accept it. ('Cause we know anyways that women are the best!)

As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract.

"Don't Wait for Perfection" by carmelscribe, via Flickr. Jump in and do! Just by making a start you're already miles ahead of those still too afraid of making a mistake to begin the race.

LOVE THIS!!! "Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you Happiness. Bad people give you Experience. Worst people give you a lesson &...

When someone rejects the help they have initially asked for and go into every excuse of why they can't then that's the time to walk away. They don't truly want to be free and in remaining there you are keeping them stuck too.

Quote from one of my favorite artists, John O'callaghan from The Maine! Check them out guys! Theyre awesome!!

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This is what I think of every time someone complains about my Anderson. I love life in A-town!

The quote I used for my senior showcase. I think it ties up all my neurotic tendencies into a pretty little bow.

This includes everyone in your, family, friends, co-workers, business partners. Showing you appreciate someone goes a long way!

Let things go...they are heavy.