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How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Bay Leaves

Use alcohol in a spray bottle to kill bugs in your home instead of the toxic stuff in the can. Alcohol dries clean with no oily residue and is more effective than the bug sprays you'd buy in the store. Try it, you'll be amazed.

How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Sugar and Baking Soda - pinning just in case - roaches scare me like walkers so id probably just move

Exterminate roaches and repel insects Don’t let cockroaches, insects, or spiders get the upper hand in your home. • Keep a can of WD-40 handy, and when you see a roach, spray a small amount directly on it for an instant kill. • To keep insects and spiders out of your home, spray WD-40 on windowsills and frames, screens, and door frames. Be careful not to inhale the fumes when you spray and do not do this at all if you have babies or small

How To Naturally Keep Roaches Away

Make DIY Cockroach Repellant. The problem is most people use chemical sprays to get rid of roaches, which is effective, by the way. However, did you know that you can make a repellent (and roach killer) spray using home products? Have you been searching for a way to kill roaches affordably and naturally? Well you'll find that question answered.. Read more: http://howik.com/Make_Diy_Cockroach_Repellant

I hope this works!!! Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home - There are several scents that repel spiders, such as garlic, peppermint or spearmint. So grab a spray bottle filled with water and add either a crushed clove of garlic or several drops of peppermint or spearmint essential oils. Shake the bottle well and then spray in the areas you frequently see spiders.

DIY Roach Killer Printable Make DIY Roach Food.

A simple and effective solution to get rid of cockroaches for good and with no usage of chemicals is to get some bottle caps and fill them with 50% baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) and 50% powdered sugar. sugar attracts the roaches and soda kills them. As these bugs are hard case insects they will eventually explode from their own gases. Fill the caps every year.

Natural Ant Killer I sprinkle baby powder where the ants are coming into the house and all along their little trail and it gets rid of the ants! Kills them and keeps them from coming back. So easy.

Mold Killer Spray - Detox Your Home Series #oilyfamilies

How to get rid of pests naturally

Place pillows in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to help get them back to their “fluff stage” and kill germs with the high heat. This is sooo important...I actually learned about all the molds that can grow in pillows if you don't do this

Homemade Roach Killer To make a homemade roach killer, mix 2 to 3 tsp. of boric acid with equal parts of sugar and water to make a paste. Put it in the areas where roaches normally reside, and sprinkle it around the infested areas of your home. This method will eliminate roaches within two weeks.

Because everyone deals with at least one roach in their lifetime, especially if they have particle board in their home. Roaches... fill quarter bottle with beer and add one tbsp of oil - makes roach traps

kill mold!!!Mix 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil per 1 cup of water. Spray onto the surface with mold and allow to dry, do not rinse. This will kill the mold spores without creating harsh chemical fumes as other cleaners, such as bleach, would.

How To Make Your Own Spray Starch 1 heaping tablespoon corn starch 1 pint water 1-2 drops essential oil (optional) Fill a pint mason jar with water, add the cornstarch. Put the lid on the jar, and shake it until the cornstarch is completely dissolved. Add in a couple drops of essential oil for fragrance (lavender or lemon would be nice!), if desired, then transfer to a spray bottle

Previous pinner says: "MAGIC! I've been doing this all over my carpet, it works on old stains, new stains-- basically EVERYTHING!"