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    How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Bay Leaves

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    How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Bay Leaves | eHow

    Use bay leaves to keep roaches away

    ways to kill ants, roaches, etc.

    How To Naturally Keep Disgusting Roaches Away. They are not only gross but roaches are a danger to your health? When we see roaches many reach for a can of some kind of chemical spray. There are natural options available.

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    How to kill Roaches & it works good

    Degreasers are a must in the kitchen, garage and other areas of the home. If you love the cleaning power of degreaser but hate the chemicals or the cost, there is a DIY version.

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    DIY essential oil diffusers. Also love this extra tip at the end of the article: Dab cotton balls with essential oils and place in the corners of your drawers and closets. This tip not only helps with keeping clothes smelling fresh, but it also helps ward off moths!

    The essential oils in DRIED ORANGE PEELS are a natural insect repellant... Put some in ROACH INFESTED corners and watch those creepy crawlies SCATTER! They cant stand the smell of orange oil. Same goes for mosquitos... To scare them off, rub dried orange peel directly onto your skin! If youre feeling particularly resourceful... put dried orange peel & water in the blender, put in a spray bottle and spray on areas you want to be an insect-free zone...

    3 Effective DIY Methods to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home: peppermint essential oil and dish soap, vinegar and coconut oil, or citrus essential oil spray bottles

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