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Team Leader Funny. Good for talking about the group plan, leadership, and teamwork

Claymation Video about teamwork- cute but may be too juvenile. Maybe have them make their own.

Great Activity to do with older kids (I first did it in Gr.12 Outdoor Ed.)--Everyone in the group has to keep 2 fingers on the tent pole at all times. The goal is to bring the pole off the ground to a certain height without anyone taking their fingers off the pole. (Could go from a certain height then to the ground.) If someone's finger comes off, the group must re-start. TEAMWORK

Team Work - Really Funny Habit 6: Synergize

Team building exercise, atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling.

Beginning of the year: lesson on teamwork. Have the kiddos watch video and discuss what the animals were doing and how they used teamwork to reach their goal.

Ideas for TeamBuilding and ClassBuilding... I do the "me bags" with a twist... Students pull out their items and the group member make "I wonder..." statements about the objects BEFORE the student tells about themselves! The kids are actively engaged this way instead of just listening to person after person! Works GREAT!!!

Together We Aspire (TEAMWORK) - Animated Song

Funny animation about intelligent penguins - YouTube

Critical Thinking and Teamwork activities this activity could be very useful to get students thinking especially after lunch times