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Elephant rock  Mother Nature has created many unforgettable masterpieces. All it takes to enjoy these natural works of art is time and a dash of imagination.  Let's spend some time together looking at natural rock formations sculptured into pieces...

A look at Mother Natures sculpturing skills!

Cat Mountain in Ukraine. visit for more --->> Animals World And Nature ♥ Amazing world

"Mother Nature set her jewels in the eyes of a cat." --Anonymous

Just like my previous cat Smokey ( Russian blue ) is the breed , a lovely temperament - many owners confirm same experience - so if you want a loving cat - look for a Russian blue then happy will be you

Air Purifying Indoor Plants

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Mother Nature's pop science guide to birds

Infographic: Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Birds

Infographic: Birds are some of the most adaptable animals on Earth, finding ways to survive in a variety of habitats on all seven continents.