dinosaur fruit salad



Bet you could use the foot of one of your Jurassic Park toys to make these. Oo


Dinosaur Park Treat Sacks - Fossil Roar Jurassic T Rex Dino Birthday Party Goodie Bags by jettabees on Etsy

Watermelon Shark

Frosty Fruit Pops with fresh fruit -the perfect summer treat!

Watermelon flag from Vegetable Fruit Carving / 4th of July Watermelon salad bowl / 4th of July Party Food Ideas /

Jurassic Park dinosaur logos. Source: Making of Jurassic Park book

monster party

DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Costume


Dino- Bingo ROCKS! Literally! Create a fun and easy game for little ones...a mixture of activity areas, structured activities, and "free play" time keeps kids engaged and happy!

Watermelon fruit bowl. Such a great ideation bring to a party. No dishes to worry with.

dinosaur 3rd birthday party fun food fruit dino-shaped

dino themed party

my future childrens' plate. duh.

These simple Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies are so easy to make and are perfect for the Jurassic World release or a birthday party!