Use tension rod to organize lids.


Tension Rods

It's all about organizing This post tells how to organize kitchen cabinets and she exposes all her drawers and cabinets to tell you how she does it!

DIY Slide Out Drawers. This should be done under any & every kitchen sink!

Use the sides of your closet to hang up more rods. | 25 Brilliant Lifehacks For Your Tiny Closet

Use a tension rod to secure pot lids along the side of a drawer or cabinet.

From Martha 9/07: Cafe-curtain rods mounted inside this drawer provide a track for a tray to slide along, doubling the storage space. Place one tray (utensil trays are good) about 1" above the top of the other. Tension mounted rods might be good if you don't want to commit.

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Take a couple of book shelves, and add some rods in between the two of them for an instant closet.

Keeping electronic devices charged is easier if you make it an evening ritual. Create a charging station in a nightstand with these directions

kitchen sink cabinet organized w/ tension rod

Pencil drawer organizers screwed to the wall for extra pantry storage

Use tension rods to divide serving trays, platters, and cutting boards.

Tension rod to hang bottles