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  • Kate Littlefield

    Tea time. An Afghan man gives a U.S. soldier tea

  • Mike Ardis

    faith in humanity restored

  • Tony

    Afghan man offers tea to a soldier In this random act of kindness, an Afghan man offers tea to American soldiers on duty in Afghanistan. Notice the soldier in the background and the second cup of tea in his hand.

  • Angi Peter

    35 Heartwarming Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity | An Afghan man offers tea to thirsty fighting American soldiers

  • Taira Li

    30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever | Afghan man gives soldier tea

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"Yes show a little kindness... Just shine your light for everyone to see. And if you try a little kindness then you'll overlook the blindness of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets" :-)

As badly as you don't want someone to go...if it's what they want sometimes you just have to let life take it's course no matter how much it may hurt

just be gentle, sweet, and kind....don't thread on my heart or anyone else's either.....that is love

We all need for someone to care - to think kind thoughts of us - to believe and see the truth of who we are. We all want to be significant. To BE EQUAL - as ONE - because we are. Being kind serves our own heart; Being kind compliments our intentions; Being kind helps us stay light and helps us to stay strong. I remember the primary song; Kindness Begins with Me, "I want to be kind to everyone, For that is right, you see. So I say to myself, “REMEMBER this: KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME.”

... And I love all those wonderful things.. So, please "Alz", be good to yourself ;) - Heimer :D

melville; preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity

Ohio teen runner helps carry competitor to finish.

Faith In Humanity Restored - 45 Pics

  • Thappy <3

    Good an bad is everywhere. You can't judge whole religion for it.

  • Ellen Noble

    I believe it and it's beautiful

  • burstingspace

    luridis don't think it's photoshop just because of religion, there are good and bad everywhere regardless of religion

  • Ellen Noble

    Some people actually really care about the welfare of others, I'm one of them and I try to do good deeds every day. It makes me happy

  • burstingspace

    agreed ellen

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This exchange between a protester and a soldier during a protest in Brazil.

This reminds me of when I used to be a reporter. I fell a little in love with almost everyone I interviewed. If you don't have some kind of connection, how can your writing have any oomph?

  • Karen Tiffen

    That is true unless they hv completely hurt or upset u beyond repair and i do not believe in forgiving somebody who has murdered one of yr family. Here and probably in America they say they forgive them...obviously its quite rare...but its happened....that makes me sick

POWERFUL BLOG: You don't need to have it all figured out to move forward.