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Not all Salty-dog, Ahab beard-wearing hipsters are brave enough to sport rolled-up cutoff jean shorts, but some are.

"Am I more blue-orange or orange-blue?" wonders the wistful shabby angora hipster

Punti Di Fuga by Agostino Iacurci

Frenchy twinsie hipster mimes in love

Beardy Messiah Hipster preaches the gospel of fiber and cozy cableknits. Srsly, what were they going for in this photoshoot? Is this for Celery Weekly, the Cableknit news, or maybe...Kinfolk!

Existential Bukowski-quoting Hipster


Hipster in the garden of eeeeevillllll

Glamour savior hipster

Old Man and The Sea Hipster

I have a weird theory about saturn's rings hipster

I will stab my own eye before looking at pyramids hipster

I will work in the auto parts industry hipster

Pattern junky hipster with bright frames

The only true selfies are polaroid selfies. They're so intimate. And disconnected. You do them because you feel selfie, but for the right reasons: narcissism, not narcissism seeking validation.

Clockwise, from top left. 1) "This marsh bores the hell out of me" 2) "I'm too bored to stand" 3) I'm too bored to drive and 4) Left: "I'm sooooo bored." Right: "Your boredom is crushing me. And that is sooooo boring"

You probably use your iPhone for your selfie. Yeah, that's pretty convenient, if your cool with anemic image quality. I usually upload to Instagram with my Circoflex TLR Model Alphax. It's a real camera. It uses film.But you probably haven't heard of it.

Smoking? Check. Brutal haircut? Check. Ironic sweatshirt? Check. Existential crisis from temporary visit to suburban roots? Check. Classic Hipster.

Scratching-vinyl-with-a-rotary-phone hipster

Artful hipster mullet poster

Covering all four hipster food groups in this one.

Chloe Sevigny - hipster saint

Chloe Sevigny - hipster saint

Chloe Sevigny - hipster saint

I was into vinyl before it was cool, before it was dead, before it was cool again.