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"Eu vos digo: Alguém precisa ter caos em si mesmo Para dar luz a uma estrela dançante." Friedrich Nietzsche

Vintage Portrait of a Gypsy Woman~ The Gypsy as the Wild Woman archetype has magical powers, powers which make her dangerous. She is out-of-control, or at least beyond the control of the patriarchy. She evokes fear, especially in the subconscious where the Wild Woman lurks within us all.” By the Guilded Serpent~

“Live to the point of tears.” ― Albert Camus My latest Look Book ~ Designer: The Gypsies Caravan ( Models:Moon Flower, Jun J Bustamante, Cassandra Wahuhi Photography: KMarie Photography "The Hermit Dress" By RunWith TheTribe Flower Crown by Katelyn Demalow

Shaman woman and powerful medicine woman playing the frame drum / tambourine. ------------------- From La Fille Damnee music video by Cecile Corbel.

from Etsy

Tribal Dance,belly dance, movement, joy, twirl, happiness, colorful, red, purple,dance, middle eastern