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Jeeves. Place the glass on the table. I want to knock it off.  *moustache kitteh

Kittenstache uses a combination of commercial and proprietary adhesives to appropriately put mustaches on adorable kittens. Our kitten wranglers are gentle and very few kittens are damaged.

Yay...I'm flying in Colour today! S)

Ninja cats attack from the ceiling. Beware when walking into a room. Always check above you for Ninja cats

Prettiest & most-photogenic kitten, ever!!!...  <3<3<3

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou AMV Blurred Kawai cute pet kitten! He's so adorable! Woman with pet

Kitten Link, go save Zelda.

cute little kitten in a knitted green and yellow striped hoodie. what's cuter than a kitten in a hoodie? absolutely nothing.


Daily Awww: When you can’t choose your favorite animal… (35 photos)

And den you close your eyes and pucker up your lips and gives me a smooch, like dis Happy Saturday

Le vrai chat Potté

funny-cat-puss-in-boots-look-alike. Yes they do it in real life and let me tell you its hard to resist