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Actually Terminal to Post-Classic, circa 950-1100 AD. Columns at Chichen Itza,Yucatan, Mexico.

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Chichen Itza is the most important archaeological vestige of the Maya-Toltec civilization in Yucatán, Mexico (10th-15th centuries)

Chichen Itza, Mayan Pyramids, Mexico or chicken pizza as they call it in Cancun, couldn't keep a straight face when offered a trip to see it, afraid we chickened out.... so sad, a complete tourist trap over-sold by tour reps, they call it chicken pizza when they try to sell you the trips out there, masses of people walked up to it and walked back to their coach, total abuse of a historic place,

Chichen Itza at Night - Mexico -- by Alex Korolkovas....climbed all the way and and all the way down....I think it was 104 degrees that day!

The Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza - Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Chichen Itza, the largest known city of the Mayan civilization