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HD Wallpaper and background photos of Beautiful Blue Sky for fans of images.

Mixing two elements into one, and more than that, in a way that seems docile and manageable. Interesting situational juxtaposition

The water in the glass looks very realistic. I like the motion of the water. The transition between the tornado and the water is well done. I love the colors. The glass is transparent and it is holding the water like it's supposed too.

Água azul.

I don't know why I am pinning this other than THE SECOND I saw this I immediately wished I could be there. This intense feeling of WOW. I don't even know where this ocean is but I want to go there. And just sit in a boat. With shade available an


Some great photo manipulation from photographer Nathan Spotts with his series of images Unrealistic Scenes.

New Zealand.  Near the top of the photo, it looks, to me, like a herd or horses running.  Does anyone else see this?

stars in a pink sky.Trey Ratcliff-Aurora Australis-The Comet-Queenstown, New Zealand.