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    bear with a flower...cute

    • Terese Beckford

      bear with a flower - looks so comfy taking time to smell the flowers. More of us should stop, relax and see the beauty around us.

    • LoreNZo Van Der Lingen

      brown bear relaxing lying down smelling flower cute animals wild wildlife species planet earth nature pics pictures photos images

    • Lorraine

      Take time to smell the flowers and love life! That's a daisy in his foot that he is sooooooo enjoying!!!!! Precious photo!!

    • Natalie Muller

      Bear with a flower.... bear with me whilst I do my exercises... they say take the time to breathe, relax and smell the air...LOL

    • Kathleen Noble Mahan

      Take time to smell the flower- Spring is in the air and the bear just likes to relax on the grass. | Amazingly Timed Photos

    • Mary Mikalas

      Take time to smell the flowers and love life! Reminds me of "bear necessities" from Jungle Book.

    • Carol Lush-Ehmann

      bear with a flower. He loves nature and likes to take time to smell the flowers!

    • astin

      Take time to smell the flowers and love life! can you even with this bear?

    • Kujtime Bracic

      Awww, every creature knows the beauty of nature!

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