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DarnThere's a hole in my sock

How to darn socks (and repair holes in knits in general) // via Knitting Daily

Instructions on how to make these pillows with the crochet edging. Reminds of my Grandmas kitchen towel edging.

Awesome easy to understand kitchener stitch instructions along with some other knitting lessons

Counteracting a throw-away society Considering the time and expense of making hand-knit socks, it is well worth the effort to repair them if you eventually wear through a hole. You say you don’t know how to darn a sock? Let me help with these photos and brief explanation...

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Darning Tutorial

A great darning tutorial! -- FYI When hand sewing or for mending the darning egg is a wonderful underlaying tool so you don't stick yourself with a needle while sewing a patch or adding lace braid. Easy to use on table, just in your hands or on your lap. Style of darning egg depends on what is comfortable for you and where you need to use it. Some of the older ones are needle keepers, too.

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Knit Baby Socks Tutorial: A Precious Pattern for Your Bundle of Joy (Welcome to the Craftsy Blog!)

Knit Baby Socks Tutorial

Thrumming is a technique of catching unspun wool into your knit stitches to create a warm and cozy layer of insulation

Sock tutorial. Not only does this show how to knit socks 2 at a time, but also how to calculate your own pattern for perfectly fitting socks, from just a couple of measurements Puritan Therapy: Who Needs a Pattern to Make Socks?

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Knit One Below

Pattern in Knit One Below