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    White Trash Bars - Only 4 ingredients! I seriously can't wait to try these!!

    • Leslie Hill

      This amazing, top secret recipe comes from my good friend Noreen.  She doesn’t share it with just anyone.  But because we rock here it is: White Trash Bars The four ingredients are: one box of Ritz crackers {255g} one bag of Skor bits {270g} one can of sweetened condensed milk {300ml} one tub of french …

    • Colleen Ridlen

      White Trash Bars   Print Author: Heather @ Twin Dragonfly Designs Ingredients one box of Ritz crackers {255g} one bag of Skor bits {270g} one can of sweetened condensed milk {300ml}, one tub french vanilla icing…

    • Pat Woz

      White Trash dessert bars. Crushed Ritz Crackers, Skor Toffee Bits, Sweetened Condensed Milk, and French Vanilla Icing.

    • Dez Stokes

      White Trash Bars - super simple, ritz crackers, sweetened condensed milk, scor/heath bits and canned vanilla frosting. Plus I love the name!

    • Kelley Bergstrom

      White Trash Bars 4 ingredients: one box of Ritz crackers one bag of Skor bits one can of sweetened condensed milk one tub of french vanilla icing

    • Lovie

      White Trash Bars (4 ingredients... Ritz Crackers, Skor bits, Sweetened Condensed Milk, and Frosting)

    • Karen Steltman-Mcbride

      Honestly, I wish these were called something else, but on the other hand, they are made out of white/light-colored junk food, so I suppose the name could be merely descriptive, rather than judgmental. Anyway, when your sweet tooth is on a rampage, these will do the trick with only four ingredients. Mind you, those four ingredients are each made of a zillion ingredients, many of them unpronounceable, but, whatever.

    • Michelle

      White Trash Bars - interesting. this would make great pms food.

    • Janette Carle

      WhiteTrash Bars

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