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  • Sam Silvera

    Freakin coolest kid costumes everrrr! my children will be this rad.

  • Lauren Saint Cavanaugh

    Kid costume ideas.

  • Casey Cannolis

    Awesome kids Halloween costume ideas/ inspiration

  • Ella Kotze

    Awesome kid costumes! Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Up, Tintin & Snowy, Captain America & Thor, Harry Potter, Hobbit, The Joker, Clockwork Orange

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Flintstones - adorable Lauren Davison Davison Davison Valencia - this is perfect for addi and gray!!

this might be the most adorable costume ever... roar!

Tell me why I thought this was so funny.. And cute. If I ever have kids there gonna have sick costumes like this lol

All of these are cool....until you reach the last one. I'm sorry but Malcolm McDowell's character from a clockwork orange isn't a good costume for a child

Awesome! (Could have done without Lil Wayne and Niki Minaj though)

Wow. They Can Put Anything In A Sushi Roll These Days

seriously, i want my baby to need glasses because nuggs in glasses are so darn tootin cute!

i have NEVER seen a more awesome costume!!