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PANYL: Easy & Affordable IKEA Customization — Store Profile

Many of us are IKEA fans but do you ever wish there were more finishes and colors to choose from? Sure, some DIY IKEA hackmasters may be able to put orange cabinets on their Expedit shelves but for the rest of us IKEA is a universe dominated by white and birch. Until now. A new company called Panyl ...
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The 20 Most Colorful Birds In The World

M. ramirezi is also known by the names 'Ramirez' dwarf cichlid' and 'butterfly cichlid' and is among the more widely-available dwarf cichlids in the aquarium hobby. As a result it's produced on a commercial basis in huge numbers and a number of ornamental strains have been developed including 'gold', 'long-finned' (both blue and gold forms; also traded as 'lyre-tail', 'veil-tail' and 'hi-fin'), 'electric/neon blue', 'super neon blue gold' 'pearl/perlmutt' and 'balloon'.

He's a sweet little rat who loves to give kisses...

birthday rat!

Google Offices in Zurich Switzerland

Madison�s black fur jacket, brown leather skirt, polka dot thigh socks and platform ankle boots on American Horror Story. Outfit Details: #AmericanHorrorStory

Easter egg topiary. Full instructions. I love this!

Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand


Dwarf Gourami, possible idea for a 20g with neon tetras and some cories? Will have to double check compatibility.

Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand

winter dream ram bust @Anthropologie

The answer to my makeup organizing prayers! I need this: Vestige Lipstick Holder -

5 colors, 3 sizes at the link. SO beautiful. #anthropologie #anthrofave

so cute for inside herbs! My kitchen window sill is calling for these! Tree Trunk Planter -#anthroregistry

Would love to put this wallpaper in a little reading area in Lillah's room. www.anthropologie...

Home Wallpaper - Shop Designer Wallpaper | Anthropologie Home

Anthropologie - Driftwood iDock

Forest Canopy Bed - Damn you Anthropologie! Making me want things I don't need. I have a perfectly good sleigh bed. :(

totally awesome DIY drawer pulls - take that, over-priced Anthropologie decor!

In Between Seasons & Non-Theme Decorating {Evolving to Spring} - The Inspired Room

creative home decors

@Kelly Elsner Netz tree branch curtain rod - 5 DIY curtain rod ideas...super cute...the nature with the ruffles:)

Tree branch curtain rod - Find a sturdy tree branch. Prune it and hang tied curtains on it. I think it would look best natural, rather than to paint it white as shown.