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Make a huge fabric-covered magnet board out of an automotive oil drip pan and some fabric -- for less than $20! Transform an oil drip pan into fabulous play place!

Make a magnet board from automotive oil drip pan. nice way to hang kids projects/ work beside having it on the refrigerator

no more on the floor

A "zoo" for all the stuffed animals! Love this idea- even better than the stuffed animal hanging mesh bags! This way kids can actually get their animals out to play with them! Maybe even add a basement level for the kids to play Animals

Project Inspiration:  Make A Felt Board

Project Inspiration: Make A Felt Board

Magnetic Wall And Fun Shapes! - Design Dazzle

Magnetic Wall And Fun Shapes

This Magnetic Wall is terrific for a sensory room- giving endless hours of imaginative and safe play for children with autism, ADHD, or just plain creative. The same wall can be used for adults with alzheimers or other cognitive issues.

Lego Table diy from old side table

We can so do this when he moves up to legos! make a "lego table" from an old/cheap night stand . very clever! Love this idea! When my kids were little, we had TONS of Legos - great storage solution!

très jolie salle de jeux

10 Awesome Playroom Ideas

The Busy Budgeting Mama: Our Playroom Reveal - DIY Details & Storage Solutions! I love the use of the yellow in this playroom. Also, the felt food is adorable!


DIY Alphabet Wall Art— someone had the idea to assign a letter to each of their baby shower guests to decorate. the mom-to-be ended up with a lovely and unique alphabet wall. what a great idea!

Good Morning! Earlier this week I finished this pinterest project that I've really excited about doing! This project was super easy and pre...

DIY: Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board for Kids - Great idea for nursery or toddler rooms. You can always find a large variety of magnets.

Hula hoop fort ~ really need to do something like this in V's room ~ L

Could be a reading tent or a secret hideaway. Could be a reading tent or a secret hideaway. Could be a reading tent or a secret hideaway.

Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide! by thecontemplativecreative: Yes!

Chris started this one years ago. haha not sur how safe but definitely fun Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide!

11 Ways of Displaying your Child’s Artwork

11 Ways of Displaying your Child's Artwork

School Art Idea - scan children's artwork, shrink, print, and then frame your miniature collection

Why is it that the play version of things are often cuter than the thing itself? This has never been more true than when applied to play food. Get a large enough play food collection going, and you've got a market.

A DIY Parisian Play Market

DIY Parisian Play Market Bountiful little shop using a secondhand hutch. She stocked it full of his existing play food and added extra items. This is a store after all. We love that this play market acts as self-storage for all the play food and related