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Get your students ready to try something New, Different, and FUN! These Landforms and Bodies of Water Flip-Flap Books allow your students to show ...

Lapbooks are a great way to get students learning when they don't even know they are learning! This pack includes all interactive and hands on activities to teach continents and oceans. The best part is you can also use this pack as an interactive notebook or simply use the foldables to reinforce the learning.

Such a fun game to quiz students about what landforms can be found in Texas. After accessing the PowerPoint on this website, go through the images and have the students name the landform. Then, have the student determine whether it can be found in Texas or not.

Landforms and Bodies of Water FREEBIE!

The Lesson Plan Diva: Landforms and Bodies of Water - would work well as an assessment

Rockin' Teacher Materials: We the People - Constitution Class Book FREEBIE!

Landforms and Bodies of Water FREEBIE!

When the kids take a book from the basket they clip their name clothespin to the basket so they know where to put it away. Clever!

Landforms Dictionary

reading timeline. A good way to keep up with the books your students have read!

This is a landform flipbook that students can create in order to differentiate between the different types of landforms. This activity could be done as guided practice, and it could also be an assessment tool after a lesson on landforms.

Fun rewards without using candy!

Whole Brain Teaching: Water Cycle Lesson - YouTube

FREE Landforms Dictionary (or Coloring Book) This versatile set can be used as either a student Landforms dictionary or as a Landforms Coloring Bo...

Landforms Matching Memory Game Freebie

Geography: Drawing a picture of landforms as a dinosaur could be a great way to review the landforms found throughout the country. Landforms are a big part of our social studies lesson, so this is a fun interactive activity that can help the students easily remember the various landforms.

Lesson plans + extension activities for every Magic School Bus book!

LANDFORMS = FUN!!!!! Check out my newest Flip-Flap Book on Landforms and Bodies of Water. Try something different and Interactive!$

Properties of Matter Brown Bag book with foldables. Nice photos page by page!

All About Your New Teacher! {Editable Book Kit}

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. So many fun computer activities for social studies/science