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Do You Live in the World’s Most Hackable Country?

Do you live in the world’s most hackable country?

Security researchers have ranked the countries most at risk to hacks and cyberattacks.

‘Show Up And Slaughter Them’: ISIS Posts Bulletin Urging Jihad Attacks against US Soldiers at their Homes @regisgiles #girlsjustwannahaveguns

ISIS is Not Islam -A reality check, reminding everyone that extremist sociopaths do not represent or speak for our faiths. ISIS is not Islam. KKK is not Christianity. JDL is not Judaism.

FOW 24 NEWS: UN – 15m Girls Forced Into Sex By Partners, Relati...

United Nations - Fanfare for all Peoples is a new short film to mark the anniversary of the United Nations. Premiering today at the Session of the .

Đầu năm mới – Đồng USD bị bán tháo mạnh

For decades, U. presidents have observed a couple rules about the dollar. Trump broke them on Wednesday.

This MAP shows THE number of PROBLEMS in every state #infomap #infographic

Live updates of Election Day snafus, shenanigans, and suppression.

Tereza Spencerová: Je nechutné, jak zastánci EU zneužili vraždu Jo Cox. Mákněte, mákněte, je zle! popohání George Soros své neziskovky. V Sýrii se něco stane

Brexit Could Collapse the World – Elites Fear Brexit Would Reverse Their Globalist Agenda!

Bank of Japan adopts negative interest rate policy: Reuters

Bank of Japan adopts negative interest rate policy

BOJ keeps policy unchanged but cuts inflation forecasts as CPI keeps falling : The Bank of Japan held off on expanding stimulus, despite pushing back the time frame for hitting its 2 percent inflation target.

When will Australia create a cyber militia?

UNSW wants to feed the creation of an Australia cyber militia

AUSTRALIAN students at the University of New South Wales will begin building skills and expertise for a soon-to-be-created Australian cyber militia.

Will Egypt's cybercrime law overstep boundaries?

Will Egypt's cybercrime law overstep boundaries?

As the Egyptian government nears adoption of a new cybercrime law, human rights organizations and observers decried the move, considering it the latest government tool to crack down on dissent.

Donald Trump’s Advice For Paying Off Mortgage (It’s Genius!)

Do not ignore these 6 hidden and dangerous signs of high blood pressure and low blood pressure

President-elect Donald Trump ignored all of the world's issues and instead focused his wrath on Chuck Todd and Meet The Press for not giving Kellyanne Conway more time during their interview to push lies about Russian hacking.

Global market turmoil reaches US shores, sinking the Dow 170 points: http://money.cnn.com/2014/12/09/investing/stocks-drop-fear-returns-global-economy/index.html?iid=Lead … via @JesseSolomonCNN

CNNMoney Investing on

Wall street is causing fear of economic crisis in switzerland.A drop in the chinese market has been hurting group of swiss banking firms.With interest rates on the rise accounts are beginning to close and less people are putting their money away.

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what separates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance ~ Steve Jobs

ICYMI: This Is What Actually Shuts Down During a Government Shutdown

What Shuts Down During a Government Shutdown?

ICYMI: This Is What Actually Shuts Down During a Government Shutdown