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No words necessary...

They always get a picture of the girlfriend or wife of the soldier, instead of a family member. I love this picture. It shows how much a father is proud of his son and it truly melts my heart.

when total strangers become best friends <3 the joys of being a Marine SO

These two girls, skipped there senior prom so they could welcome home their marines so cute. i would have sooo done this.but i didnt go to my senior prom anyways and sam wasnt coming home until july that year anyway haha

愛のある場所がわからなくなってしまった時に見る動画「少女とポニー」 : カラパイア

Funny pictures about That moment when you see your dad again after so long. Oh, and cool pics about That moment when you see your dad again after so long. Also, That moment when you see your dad again after so long.


'Miss Hap' a two-week old Korean kitten chows down on canned milk, piped to her by medicine dropper with the help of Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor . The Marine adopted the kitten after its mother was killed by a mortar barrage near Bunker Hill.

Abrazos con mucha carga emocional.- El sargento Shane Faulkner y su hermano gemelo, Shaw, se abrazan en una ceremonia de bienvenida en Fort Hood, Texas. (2007)

Sergeant Shane Faulkner hugs his twin brother Shaw at a homecoming ceremony in Fort Hood, Texas 2007 by Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters


Camp Cody, New Mexico, 650 officers and enlisted men of the Auxiliary Remount Depot No a cavalry unit, created this human horse head in tribute to the horses lost in WWI.


Chief Master Sergeant John Gebhardt in the USAF serving in Afghanistan. The insurgents intended to execute the little girl along with her family. She survived, and was cared for in John 's hospital.

A real man loves children...no matter who's they are :) A Soldier can be an Angel too.

I love pictures like this. The media tries to convince the world that American soldiers are blood hungry killing machines, but really they are people just like us with the capacity to love and respect human life.

Firefighter saves pregnant Doberman

This firefighter saved this dog from her burning home. He carried her out of the house and into her front yard, then he returned to fight the fire. Animals matter too. We save lives, animal or human.

Spc. Monica Brown, * 19 *, an Army medic. A vehicle was hit by an IED, her sergeant yelled, "Doc, let's go," and she went. She spotted two injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged them to cover, then received mortar shells and covered the injured with her body and started repairing them through a two-hour fight. She saved them both, and received the Silver Star.

A vehicle was hit, she spotted 2 injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged thm then received mortar shells, covered th injured w hr body & started repairing thm through a fight & saved them. She received th Silver Star

What every mother sees.

GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS American Heroes! Thank you for your sacrifice. God Bless our troops, past, present & future & the families/loved ones who serve with them on the sidelines. when my SON was deployed !

This is me every day that I pick up my kids from preschool... haha : )  Seriously cannot imagine being a deployed mommy.

Oh this melts my heart! So much love, emotion, & happiness in one picture! This truly captured this mothers love for her daughter. So precious! This is why I love photography & candid moments!

I took this photo at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina, as a group of U.S. Marines were returning home from the war in Iraq. As soon as they arrived, it began to downpour.  I was lucky enough to capture the joy they were all feeling. The two people walking and embracing are brother and sister. This was such a wonderful moment for everyone, and I'm so happy I was able to capture it for them!

homecoming--It doesn't matter at all if its raining! I canNOT wait til this deployment is over and I can be in my soldier's arms again!

Daddy's home. (I know this isn't everyday, but from the look on his face, you can't come any closer to Heaven then that!

This is the sweetest picture ever. Obviously, the dad is happy to see his daughter. But look at the happiness on the faces of all the other soldiers.