Powder Cap Fungi growing from the stem of what is probably a Russula species.

Os cogumelos Amanitas (Amanita muscaria) são fungos com propriedades tóxicas, mas com força suficiente para paralisar apenas insetos, que ficam sem movimentos temporariamente ao entrar em contato com o cogumelo.

Amanitas (Amanita muscaria), spotted by Agustin Amenabar in Lago Ranco, near Rio Bueno, Chile. Such a beautiful sight


New to Nature No 55: Podoserpula miranda

**A new species of fungi coloured an almost fluorescent pink with a highly surprising form. Podoserpula miranda , named by its discoverers for its remarkable splendor. TG Never knew mushrooms were so colorful.

Rare Stadiumhead Mushroom. Apr 14, 2007 – This manipulated image was created for Week 36 of the Weekly Photoshop Competition group.

"Rare Stadiumhead Mushroom" – This manipulated image was created for a Weekly Photoshop Competition group.

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mushrooms in the forest. the light on those delicate membranes of mushroom and web.

"Psathyrella conopilus" | by carlespoveda

(Psathyrella conopilus) I live in a apt complex and we have so many of these growing out of the mulch.

ปïα Mบรня๑๑๓ร αяε αพεร๑๓ε

Blue Entoloma Mushroom ~ By Stephen Stringer. What a nice blue color!