cotton candy on glow sticks! lol

Cotton candy on a glow stick

Let oranges or lemons soak in food coloring… Freeze and you could put them in a super cute punch.

mini tequila shots and oh yes, those are bite sized fish tacos!

Cool idea for a wedding candy buffet: cotton candy served in champagne glasses.

Awesome list of fun glow stick ideas with pictures!! ) Who knew there were so many fun things to do with them!

Our Little Women: Black Light Party 101

SPECTACULAR - put a glow ball in a white stocking and hang many from trees or ceiling.

How to create LED light up balloons for quinceañera decorations, or can you use glow sticks?

Cotton Candy Bubble Bath Truffles Take 1 scoop and place under running water and watch the bubbles build up. A blend of fresh strawberry and French vanilla.

For your glow in the dark birthday party.

This genius of a machine can take any hard candy, and I mean ANY hard candy and make it into fluffy cotton candy! Can you imagine? Jolly Rancher cotton candy! Candy cane cotton candy! Butterscotch cotton candy! The possibilities are limitless. That’s definitely worth fifty bucks in my book!

How to Host a Fun Backyard Party - have fruit drinks, ice cream bar, and projector for outdoor movies

For outside parties, bury glowsticks in the ice.

Fun way to display cupcakes

A cute way to serve watermelon

Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Probably the coolest thing ever.

DIY Rock Candy! So simple & inexpensive to make AND it doubles as a Science Experiment. Great for kids parties, break ups, weddings etc! AWESOME!

Use Golf Tees to put Balloons in the ground lining the walkway for a birthday, baby shower or any other party :)