Cherry Blossoms & Japanese writing

Cherry blossom tattoo - falling petals & Japanese kanji symbol for inner strength

japanese fan cherry blossom writing

For Jax - Cherry Blossom tree tattoo... Amazing Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoo art Cherry Blossom tree tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Japanese cherry blossom tattoo

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Japanese Cherry Blossom

I love the cherry blossom. In china, it means female dominance and sexuality. In Japan, it signifies the act of living life to the fullest because it only blooms for a short amount of time.

Japanese fabric

japanese lotus blossom tattoo - Gorgeous, maybe black with red

Japanese Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom

Japanese cherry blossom

ok...that's pretty and sexy too

Japanese cherry blossoms


Japanese print, beautiful cherry blossoms

Getting one of those weird Japanese writing tattoos that no one knows what they mean, they just look cool. I would get this tattooed on me.

love japanese writing