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  • Lauren Hintsala

    Just to funny not to pin

  • Jenna Eccles

    For shame! *hangs head* I laughed. - I always want to think my sense of humor has developed past this... *deep sigh* @Elyana Sotelo I thought of you when I saw this because of all your funny/dirty Instagram posts ;) lol

  • Morgan Marie (:<3

    ----roses are red, nuts are brown, skirts go up, pants go down, Body to body, skin to skin, when it's stiff, stick it in, it goes in dry, comes out wet, the longer it's in, the stronger it gets, it comes out dripping, and starts to sag Oops! It's not what you think!! It's a Lipton tea bag!!!! Omfg I just died laughing hahahahahhahahahah

  • Hell Bell

    Dirty minded

  • Alicia Mcmanus

    Hehe. BEST POEM EVER!!!

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Why couldn't I still have a bestfriend. I miss you why can't it be the same again. Why can't you admit what you did. Why can't it all be good again...???


So many times I find myself praying for the same things for my children. That they are healthy. They they are safe. That they are obedient. The other day I was reading the Bible, and I came upon Philippians 1:9-11. It's the perfect Scripture to pray for your kids!

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Divas for life! Besties. Ride or die. DTP

Imágenes graciosas, humor, diversión, Wardrobe failure..?! Shes FAR from impressed..

agreed. (;

Some people


In this life I have seen so many changes. I've lost friends that I never thought I'd lose!!

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I thank God for everything I have!!

So true!

I think we all have those people where we're like "Don't you understand how beautiful you are? Don't you understand how lost I would be without you?" But those people never know that we feel that way, do they? So maybe someone feels the same about you and just doesn't ever say it to your face. We humans, we never do.

Words to live by!

True story.