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    Lucia Emanuela Curzi - Kurt Geiger Advertisement. (Black Ink, markers and watercolour) The juxtaposing line element, of thin bold and defined black line in contrast to the fades of pink within the background is an aesthetically pleasing feature that highlights the soft texture of the fabric of the dress whilst depicting elegant lines. Thus, contributing a "flirty" ambiance that is feminine and empowering.

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gorgeous living room

Beautiful watercolour painting by Cate Parr of silver ridge studio Watercolor Fashion Illustration Print - Tilly Losch artist dancer. $35.00, via Etsy.

Cate Parr is an amazing artist I have come to know and love on Etsy. I just love this Summer Dress watercolour illustration by silverridgestudio

Watercolour Fashion Illustration by Cate Parr. Anja www.etsy.com/...

▲▼▲: Mat Gustavson

Mesmerising and dreamlike Underwater Ink Photography by Alberto Seveso...

Original Fashion and Beauty Illustration of womans lips by Helen Simms, simple watercolour portrait painting

1455880_550968814978825_518362781_n.jpg (497×720)

ballerina a la

by mariehochhaus, via Flickr

by mariehochhaus, via Flickr

#fashion #photography

Kareva Margarita Photography

#fashion #illustration #sketch #design #glitter

:: a girl's best friend :: ....the louboutin's or the dog?

from vogue china.

Bec Winnel

Tianyin Wang

Kelly Smith

Natalia Sanabria

Natalia Sanabria

Nuno DaCosta

Nuno DaCosta

Nuno DaCosta

Lucia Emanuela Curzi