Oh Chris Colfer. (:

chris colfer

Love this movie

Neil Patrick Harris, everybody!

bahaha idk who you are but you're awesome


The Shirk Report – Volume 166 -- always something that makes me laugh on this thing every week. this facebook status is most hilarious. :)

person 1 - The picture of that stupid hipster chick in a starwars shirt need to stop, she probably hasn't even seen the movies. person 2 - this shirt? it says stop wars, and I hope you are joking, since that is Natalie Portman. Not only has she seen them, she was in them.

Wrong Answer lol

Gilmore girls (:

Simon Cowell gets owned gracefully…" pre-pinner I loved this kid he was so funny

I love JLaw!

It perfectly captured the worst TV-watching experience ever. | 59 Reasons We're Going To Miss "The Office"

Chris Crocker!

hahahah i really can't stop laughing

This guy should win an award. This is hilarious.

12 things you probably didnt know about the movie "mean girls"


Explaining Les Misérables.