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Spirograph! Ohhh I LOVED my Spirograph. I littered our house with these doodles and drove my mom crazy. She was so wonderful - she'd sit there for ages looking at each one of my pictures that I'd made, talking about it, admiring it and telling me how clever I was. God Bless her.

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25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

those were the days :)

If you were born in 1958, you were too young to know your brother and sister were the first kids to play with the newest toy out that year - The Hula Hoop and it took the world by storm that first year and got even bigger the next year!

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Vintage Colorforms Set Dawn Dress-Up Set 3 Dolls 1970 Topper Corporation

Colorforms. Had this set!!

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Vintage Hard Plastic Native American Indian Girl Doll w/ 2 Papooses Tan 7" #12

I have this :)


All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

1970s Star Wars Action Figure

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Little liddle kiddle lola liddle 1969

OMG YES!!! The Little Kiddles' vinyl zip bag!!!!! :)

WHAM-O: 1970 Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. Smelled of gasoline!! I'm sure it wast toxic! LK

Velvet and Chrissie Doll with growing hair! You pushed on her belly button and pull out the hair, to make it long, then, you could make it short again by twisting a knob on her back. I loved playing with these dolls at my cousin's house-I had Chrissy, she had Velvet and I was always a twinge jealous cuz I liked hers better...(no idea why)