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Funny Sports Ecard: If you could lose weight by just wearing work out clothes, we'd be the skinniest bitches around.

Making this for my bathroom next house!

But mine should say curling iron. And the oven! Turn Off Your Straightener Door Mat / Area Rug Funny Door Mat, Clever Door Mat

And all the people said, Amen!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: It just isn't Christmas unless you push your body to the brink of alcholism and diabetes.


Warning, I'm exercising, eating right and watching my alcohol intake. Which means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm sore. So proceed with caution.

61128 973474677118 1026464369 n I THOUGHT I WAS LOSING WEIGHT ..TURNS OUT ...

I thought I was losing weight, but it turned out my sweatpants had come untied.story of my life lmao

If I was dating myself… #someecard....maybe not starbucks but similiar

If I was dating myself, I would surprise myself with starbucks every morning and it would be adorable. best boyfriend ever.

Or you haven't tried HIIT! Right, @michellelpye

Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill!

Story of my life. I hate running, but I despise treadmills unless I'm running for a purpose for a speed, hill, or interval workout. Even then, it's utter torture.

That is what the one mom who always wears yoga pants and a tank top thinks

eCard: I feel better about myself when I'm wearing workout clothes because that means I'm one step closer to possibly maybe working out. So true!