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    true story.




    A bitch slap .. ha ha na if i ever have the chance her face and the curb gonna knock all her teeth out! then she can use her paintshop that she calls cs5 and put some teeth on her fuggly ass pictures.. ha ha ha

    ha ha ha this would have to be for she used to tell me how she would have sex with random people when she was 22 during a summer... Gosh those guys must have been hard up .. nasty she is so gross she cant even post a decent photo of her self cuz she is hairy and fuggly! and she has a board like this with almost the same words.. cuz she has no brain..



    Good advice.


    My attitude...

    I hide behind sarcasm, because telling you to go screw yourself is considered somewhat rude in most social situations.

    Alison Krauss - live Encore

    love it!


    Pretty much. Ecards rock.

    My life.





    !! Ya you damn well know who you Are!!