Yula Yamina exotic.... high style !

Jean Claude Jitrois

blue velvet

Lorenzo Riva

English model Tania Mallet, 1960’s. Love this hair for wedding.

Lightning DOES STRIKE twice! This design is a spitting copy of coats worn in the mid-late 1970s and we hated the style then. First Gaucho pants and now this.... Ew.. Not a strong fashion era to pull from... http://warmwinterlove.blogspot.com/ #Canadagoose coats#winter coats#coats#jacket#$189#$249




December Vogue 1955 by Karen Radkai

Carlo Tivioli.



Tiffany blue coat ... OMGOSH I wish!

I am uncharacteristically very attracted to this look. The classic case of love-it-on-other-people-but-would-never-wear-it-myself.

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fur the fun of it!!!

Leopard over black

dolce & gabbana

John Galliano - green fur