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CHEERS--"Hey Norm hows it goin'?" "It's a dog eat dog world Sammy and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear.

top 20 1970's TV shows,favorite seventies television programs,10 best 70's tv shows

Radar, Hot Lips, Hawkeye, Klinger all made for a great show! Glad people share my old taste in TV

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The Life of Riley starring William Bendix and Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden and Richard Crenna

Monday, September 15, 1986: L.A. Law premieres on NBC.

Monday, September L. Law premieres on NBC. Beats Suits hands down.

The Wonder Years- Nostalgia at its best

The Wonder Years theme song still gives me the chills

My So-Called Life (TV series 1994) - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb

I loved My So-Called Life and was bummed when they canceled it, so no more Angela, Jordan Catalano or Ricky.

MacGyver - Wikipedia

always remember the wise words of Angus MacGyver: “Brace yourself. This could be fun.

6 characters 1 show Chris Lilley is a genius

6 characters 1 show Chris Lilley is a genius