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He Can Keep Himself Entertained All Day Long...

Check out this clever automatic ball thrower for dogs an ingenius dog owner invented to amuse his enthusiastic tennis ball loving dachshund, Jerry.

Samoyeds are the best | Community Post: Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

This Samoyed puppy can't get any cuter! Related: Cute Yorkie plays Patty-cake (video) Playful pug and his owner get slap happy (video) Rescue dog comes out of her shell after learning to play game (video)

My Doxie got my sole. flip flop that is! First thing she has ever chewed! They love the sole!

We only have what we remember. : Photo

"They told me I could anything.so I became a Doberman" My mom had a Dachshund once, she told me the little runt thought he was a Rottweiler!


doxie covered in snow. This happens to my dog all the time during winter!

The horror..!

There's always plenty of Happy Howie's Treats! -- photo via Dump A Day Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions - 28 Pics

Don't forgets the treats, mom, an the toys, an the chew bone, an we really could use a new blanky. No,no, not the dress, we no need clothes.

Hot Dog Humor: Hot dogs on the menu are a concern for most wiener dogs.

I so want one of these signs!

Dachshunds - Death from the ankles down. So, the contractor guy, he thought the beware of dog sign was a joke.um, not so much dude. I told you to wait outside until I got the ankle biter put away.

...Student and service dog

Funny pictures about A dog with a degree. Oh, and cool pics about A dog with a degree. Also, A dog with a degree.

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"My friend's dogs pick-up a pillow every time someone enters the house." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Golden Retrievers - Very Welcoming!

You’re not dying today! Not on my watch | Gif Finder – Find and Share funny animated gifs

You’re not dying today! Not on my watch

You’re not dying today, not on my watch! Omg this dog performing CPR is…

Silly little wiener...lol :)

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