This will be Tucker's Halloween costume next year!

who's superhero dog?

awww he/she looks like my little Tucker as a puppy

Maddie, last minute costume idea. http://maddieonthings.com/post/34714357034/last-minute-costume-idea-from-maddie-happy

The kid who saved a fox!

shih tzu ewok. Squee for days.

Super #Dog is a #Boxer #dog

clown dog and baby

Déguisement escargot... ... Trouvée sur Facebook...

Lion cat

Brussels Griffon

Shark baby

my people need me

Chewbacca Dog!!!

Potential veloci-Baxter? ;) hahahaha.

I want to do this to one of my dogs, too bad they are both long-haired and spotted differently.

chicken in a gnome suit

Kids outfits http://dailyshoppingcart.com/kidsclothes

. . . Batman

lafawnduh! adorable little kids in costumes