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Able to leap tall building with a single bound.

Doggie Dino Tank Or should we say "Jurassic Bark?" Your pooch will love roaming the earth in this easy-to-make Halloween costume. How to Make a Doggie Dino Tank

Pinterest Humor - Cute & Funny Animals @

I really want a dog that I can do this with.. bahahaha... so cute

Oh that? That's just Clarence's Raptor costume for Halloween! Julie Cadman-Kim can Desmond come trick or treating at our house?

lafawnduh! adorable little kids in costumes - heaven help the people that understand this one.... truly a lol for me

I want you to know that whatever problems you're having, I'm here to read about it on Facebook.

The Takin is a goat-antelope native to the Himalayas and neighbouring areas. The Takin is listed as Endangered in China and Vulnerable in the rest of the world, threatened by overhunting and habitat destruction.

English Bull Terrier, love you Stanley :-) x

Chicken--so it originally said. I think yes, it is a chicken, but it is a hen chicken. ??