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Todays Cartoon....... Featuring Chef Boy R We In Trouble... Obama cant run on his record of huge deficits, high unemployment, record breaking high gas prices and his unpopular healthcare bill, so he has create issues he thinks will resonate with uninformed voters and his base.
The Free Ride isn't free.
Whoa! If you weren't already convinced that Barbie represents an unrealistic, overly sexualized image for young girls, then this life-size model should do it.
Dump A Day Funny Picture Dump (55 Pics)
Can You Even Imagine THIS?
Free our Marine
Antonio F. Branco  Today's Cartoon...... The Democrat attack machine's phony made-up "War On Women" isn't quite turning out the way they had hoped... This is what happens when Obama can't run on his record and has to make-up issues on the republicans to run on.
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