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Trade Beads | Opalescent Moon Beads | Made in Europe for the Africa trade in the mid 1800s. | The origin and period of these rare opalescent beads are uncertain. They have been attributed to Venice, Bohemia, Germany and the Netherlands, where they are called “18th century Amsterdams.” The beads can be found on the sample cards of a prominent London merchant named Moses Lewin Levin that are dated 1851-1869. | The beads were favored by the natives of Nigeria. | 4'025.00$ for the strand.

by Carl Dreibelbis | A wonderful necklace that has been put together by Carl using a collection of rare old beads, antique trade and old and vintage silver beads {he has been an avid collector since the 1970}

Etsyfrom Etsy

Stunning Antique Moroccan Fossil Amber, Black Coral & Silver Necklace

Stunning Antique Moroccan Fossil Amber Black Coral by GEMILAJewels,

by Anna Holland | Mottled brown ceramic beads and very old vulcanite heishi from Africa blend perfectly with a wild boar tusk we found in South Africa |

by Nomad Foundation | Necklace combining antique Tuareg Silver with old padre trade beads.

Trade Beads: Rare, 17th century, Chevron beads It is claimed that Maria Barovier "invented" the Rosetta bead in the late fifteenth century. It was later called a chevron bead by Northern European merchants. Rosetta beads have always played an important and valued role in trade with the colonies. They are present throughout Africa in ceremonial costumes and royal treasuries, and they are always considered valuable savings. Age of beads late 1800s - early 1900s. | Trade Winds Junction Designs

Trade Beads | Large Antique Trade Coral Bead Necklace. Origin: Most likely Italian Mediterranean & traded into North Africa. Age:Estimated 200 - 800 years

African Trade Beads | Large Baltic natural amber beads which were traded into Yemen and Africa | c. 100 - 300 yrs old.

Necklace | Found along the trade route passing from Europe through northern Africa, these ancient Roman glass beads are a treasure! The beads vary in size and shape and all show the beautiful pitting from being buried in the sand for centuries. Combined with sterling Indonesian beads, this is truly a timeless piece of jewelry | Nomad's Journey Designs