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Ten large tubular Venetian millefiori beads | late 1800's to the early 1900's | Used for the African trade.

Antique trade bead strand c. 1850-1900 rare beads venetian fancy

These are beautiful. Very special. Antique Trade Beads, 1850-1900 ~ Rare Venetian Fancy Beads | eBay

Antique Venetian beads - small collections (1) from ATB

Vintage / antique Venetian glass beads. *trade beads bead collection wedding cake beads millefiori

RARE Antique Venetian Bead Strand Assorted sizes shapes colors patterns

From my collection: Antique Venetian beads from the African trade.

Large Antique Round Green Venetian Millefiori & Skunk Beads

Old African Trade Beads | ... large old antique venetian round millefiori african trade beads #741

Mariana Méndez, a company in Spain, is dedicated to the manufacture of bags, has developed a new concept in the development of accessories. It combines its preference for a handcrafted process with ongoing research into fabrics, volume and the potential of the bag as a means of expression.

Cuchara vintage collar, joyería de plata, cristales fucsias, declaración collar, 'Herencia' 1953

Collar colgante, Jubileo 1953, cristales del melocotón de la cuchara, cuchara de joyería

Multan tiger amulet silver necklace