Pastel Shells! Reminds me of dr dolittle

Sea Shells


Hawaiian Sunrise Shells by julianne

Blush shells.


exquisite sand-dollar shell fossil


Cultured pearls can be distinguished from natural pearls by X-ray examination. Nucleated cultured pearls are often 'pre-formed' as they tend to follow the shape of the implanted shell bead nucleus. Once the pre-formed beads are inserted into the oyster, it secretes a few layers of nacre around the outside surface of the implant before it is removed after six months or more.


Pretty. Very pretty

Abalone shells

urchin .. what color, texture, pattern perfection...

❥ sea jewels

shell... - via: whatchathinkaboutthat - Imgend

Shells in coral


Pretty pink seashells!

pink seashell~~~

Purple scallops

sea shells(¯`•♥•´¯)☆ Beautiful.....Mary Nelson *`•.¸(¯`•♥•´¯)¸.•♥♥• ☆ º ` `•.¸.•´ ` º ☆.¸.☆¸.•♥♥•¸.•♥♥•¸.•♥♥•