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Hand Embroidery Stitch: Buttonhole Wheel Flower


Embroidery Stitch Technique - how to make couched circle - Sarah Whittle CLICK ME! i really like her site!!!

Love this stitch!

Citrus Slices: 1) stem stitch an outer circle; 2) chain stitch just inside the stem stitch; 3) stem stitch 8-10 segments, evenly spaced in the circle; 4) starting from the point of each segment, stitch two long chains on the LHS, finishing just inside the top edge, repeat this on the RHS, then fill the middle with additional chain stitches; and 5) complete all the segments in the same manner. Note: that there are three tones of a single colour for each slice.

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Not cross stitch - but still needlework and something I haven't seen before that i thought was really cool! Embroidery stitch tutorials~fishnet stitch

Indian shisha embroidery

Site has some cute embroidery patterns


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embroidery- cool stitch!

Embroidery Stitches Tutorials - Great Site

Couching borders

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Cretan Stitch ...... & many more stitches at site !

Learn how to move a large quilt on your home sewing machine, working from the center to the outside. See how the quilt moves and is manipulated so the weight and bulk of the quilt isn't overwhelming while quilting on a small machine.

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