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Africa | In Salima, Malawi, Counselors from a Yao circumcision camp dance in the nearby village as a form of comfort and entertainment for the worried parents and relatives of the boys. Parents are not allowed to see their sons while the boys are sequestered in the camp during "jando", the Yao circumcision ceremony that marks the male passage into adulthood. | © "Tribes of the Great Rift Valley" by Elizabeth L Gilbert

Africa | Mapiko dancer entering a village accompanied by a lipalipanda player. Matambalale Village, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique. | Photograph by A. Bortolot, 2004.

Africa | Makonde woman with traditional facial tattoos. Northern Mozambique | Photographer unknown

Africa | Woman With Muciro face mask. Ibo Island, Mozambique | ©Eric Lafforgue

Africa | "Mussiro". In northern Mozambique, you might see some women with their faces covered in this natural white mask called "mussiro". They claim that it protects them from the sun, keeps away acne, and makes their skin softer | ©Constantine Savvides

Africa | A little girl in an orphanage in Chizumulu, Malawi | © Patrick de WILDE

Africa | Makua girls, lower Bairro, Mozambique | © Tom Cockrem /Lonely Planet

Africa | Mother and child carrying water in Malawi, Eid al-Adha 2011

Africa | Little girl from the village of Chirombo with an irresistible smile. Malawi. | ©Gunnar Salvarsson

Africa | A girl in Malawi heading down to the lake to do the washing | © 'stusik_i_sharik'

Africa | Portrait of smiling girl looking up in classroom. Malawi, Lilongwe, Kauma Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC) | © Anthony Asael

Africa | Reinata Sadimba, Mozambique Potter. Photo taken at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Festival. | © Ekaufman2008, via flickr

Africa | Makonde woman wears a lip plug with nail and many facial tattoos. Mozambique. | ©Volkmar K Wentzel

Africa | Girl from Ilha de Mocambique | ©Leonid Plotkin

Africa | A young woman of Arab descent holds her young child. Mozambique Island, Mozambique | ©Volmar K Wentzel

Africa | Makhuwa mother and child in Nampula, Mozambique | © Steve Evans

Africa | Portrait of a Makonde Girl. Mozambique | © Leonid Plotkin

Africa | Textile Vendor in Maputo, Mozambique Photo by Paty Jimenez

Africa | Smiling woman, Mozambique, from his African Journey 1970 collection of photos | © Pete Turner

Africa | Coconut Woman, Mozambique, from his African Journey 1970 collection of photos | © Pete Turner

Africa | Makua woman. Mozambique | Photographer ?

Africa | 'Musiro' Women of certain ethnic groups in Mozambique usually wear tinted white face with musiro, a product made from bark, root, ground and water it protects and softens the skin. Sometimes it has certain connotations rituals. Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. | © KaoBanga on Flickr

Africa | Makua Girl. Mozambique | © Joost van Dam

Africa | Cream made from ground bark provides protection from Mozambique's equatorial sun. | © James L. Stanfield

Africa | Woman with a Musiro facemask. Mozambique, Ibo Island. | © Daniele ~ marghe00 musiro facemask