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Generation Confederate Hellcat Motorcycle Amazing designs from Confederate Motorcycles!

Confederate, X132 Hellcat-Quick Preset 600x600

Confederate Motorcycles: Hellcat straight out of Birmingham, Alabama

X132 HELLCAT | BY CONFEDERATE MOTORCYCLES ( #motorcycle #motorcycles #bike #bikes #choppers #scooters #vespa #motard #parts #accessories #design #tuning #luxury #exotique #classic #future #rototype #sport #concept

X132 Hellcat | By Confederate Motorcycles

These confederate bikes look awesome, I wonder how they ride! Their website is worth a visit.


Le projet Livewire d'Harley-Davidson, une moto électrique ?

This is the Harley Davidson Project Livewire, the first electric Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Announced in June, the Livewire is battery powered with an electric motor


P120 Fighter | By Confederate Motorcycles

Nothing screams “precision” like the Confederate Fighter Combat Motorcycle. This sled’s lightweight, aircraft-grade, aluminum chassis houses a twin-cylinder engine producing a face-peeling of torque with 160 horse at the rear-wheel.

M61 REAVER Military Motorcycle by ProgV 2012-2013 via DeviantArt 342817702

REAVER Military Motorcycle by ProgV the upper part is a jet engine, nozzles are on each side so they won't burn the tyre. lower part can open up to let driver get inside ( so actually the size of this motor is huge.

Honda NAS concept from 1999, designed in the Honda California studio

Honda NAS Concept - unique mono-arm suspension constructed of carbon fibre and aluminum, with the damper and spring neatly enclosed within a massive steering head.

Deus Ex Machina's Milan workshop gives the XJR1300 a stunning makeover. Get the full story on this Yamaha-commissioned build at http://www.bikeexif.com/yamaha-xjr1300-deus

Yamaha XJR1300 by Deus

Yamaha XJR 1300 project X by Deus - It was born out of the collaboration between Yamaha Europe and the Italian based bike customizers at Deus, as a part of the Yard Built project.

Yamaha Moegi ~ Miks' Pics "Bikes, Trikes and Unicycles l" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/bikes-trikes-and-unicycles-l/

Yamaha Moegi Concept - The Moegi is essentially, an ultra-light, ultra fuel efficient motorcycle (powered by a single cylinder four-stroke engine). Potentially capable of 50 mph and a mindboggling 188 miles per gallon.


The Kawasaki gets a makeover from Italian custom workshop Moto di Ferro. Take your pick from bobber, tracker or scrambler styles,Kds